Xaml Icon Viewer  v.2.0

With Xaml icon Viewer you can view and search xaml files,organize your xaml files, build Resource dictionaries from xaml files, edit Resource dictionaries, update Resource dictionaries

Okino XAML Viewer (32-bit)  v.2.0

Features of the Okino XAML viewer include: Loading of XAML 2D and 3D content files The most important and critical feature is the custom Okino 3D interactive camera.


Icons-Land XAML Emoticons  v.3.0

Vector emoticons are provided in XAML format to be used in WPF and Silverlight applications.

Accounting XAML Icons  v.1.0

Accounting XAML Icons contains over 163 vector accounting and financial xaml icons, banking icons, currency icons, legal icons, loan icons, market analysis icons, money icons, payment icons, safety icons, saving icons and much more!

Medical XAML Icons  v.1.0

Medical XAML Icons Collection contains over 277 high quality medical xaml icons doctor icons, medical icons, injury icons, healthcare icons, body organs icons and more!

Software XAML Icons  v.1.0

Software XAML Icons Collection contains over 413 high quality vector xaml icons, user icons, window icons, devices icons, folder icons, document icons, symbols and lots more!

XAML Cruncher  v.

XAML Cruncher lets you interactively type XAML code and see the object it creates. The program has all the features of Windows Notepad (including File Open and Save dialog boxes, printing, and a font dialog) and customization features.

Xaml Library  v.1.0

Xaml Library is a tool for developers or desigers to collect xamls of wpf or silverlight. When you find a beautiful or interesting xaml, you can save it into the library.

All About XAML  v.

All About XAML is a User Group based in Birmingham, Alabama which provides a community for Silverlight, Windows Phone, WPF and Surface developers. This app gives the latest events for the group as well as feed from the leadership's twitter accounts.

Learn XAML (beta)  v.

This app will let you learn XAML and Windows Phone development by using Javascript to write and test little samples. The app comes with a couple of examples, and you can find more on our blog. You can edit the code right on the phone, or, more

FPS Icons Pack

Number of icons are made with formats, such as PNG, ICO, XAML ( WPF and Silverlight ready). First ever made WPF and Silverlight pack. Especially will be working in conjunction with our components. XAML version is available for scaling manipulation icons

FPS Flags Pack

New styled set of 227 flags, number of different sizes, and XAML vector formats WPF and Silverlight are ready. They can be used in your applications and websites. Vector version also can be used in XPS documents. Especially they will be working in

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